Mandala Tea/Kitchen towel – dark blue

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Collection of seven colors of chakras woven on tea/kitchen towels. With their motif, they are the first prototype in the world.

I rely on the high quality, therefore the tea/kitchen towels absorb well and do not leave lint on glassware and dishes. An excellent gift for any household.

Dark blue – the third eye chakra – intuition, the third eye, wisdom

Composition – 100% cotton. PES hanging loop. Weight 200g + – 5%.

Size 50 × 60cm. After first wash, it may shrink by 5-7%.

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The story of Tea/Kitchen towels

Hello people! We are towels made in the Czech Republic. Do you like us? If so, wait until you feel us in your hands. We are high quality, soft, absorbent and do not leave lint on glassware and dishes.

We are very much looking forward to become a decoration of your household. And if you want to know, how we have been created first, sit back, and let us tell you the story.

We were created by an interesting guy – a free-spirited traveller, a lover of nature and beautiful places, a free-thinker who lives wherever he likes it. Well, you could say he might be strange a little, bearing in mind today’s world situation. But enough about him. Now the story is mainly about us, the towels.

We were born during one of his “Meditation Phases”. He often dives in the process of painting, that he manages to paint for 12 hours a day, and does this for several months in a row.

And this is exactly how the collection of mandalas was born – seven chakra colours. For example, the purple mandala, which was created first, took him more than forty hours.

The creation of paintings took long time. However, it was probably worth it, because everyone who saw them thought immediately on what products all these pictures could be present. To our great happiness and joy, the artist came up with the most pleasant and viable idea, to transfer these beautiful paintings in to high quality Czech towels.

As you can imagine, he had no idea how difficult it would be to find someone who could weave such a complicated patterns on a piece of cloth. If you look at the original paintings from which the towels were created, it will be immediately clear to you what we are talking about.

One negative e-mail followed the other. And when he wanted to give it up and leave this towel vision for good, the phone rang, and on the other side, there was a brave owner of the company Frolen from Stárkov, who took care of us.

When the artist learned a little more about how we came into life, he understood why no one else could. The process of our weaving is fascinating and complicated. And several people and machines are working on this process. The process of our weaving is fascinating and complicated. And several people and machines are working on it.

But as soon as he held the prototype of the woven orange cloth in his hand, it was immediately decided – the whole project was on the go. He chose shades of colours for the rest of the towels, including the material, the size of the hanging loop, and what would be woven on it. And another million things that don’t even occur to you when you say you have “only” towels to make. Also, there were so many great friends around him who have always been happy to advise and help him in this, sometimes, really difficult process.

What can we say to you next? It was such joy and beauty once we were finally created. They all praised, stroked and admired us. The guy kept playing with us and tried folding us in the best possible way to fit in the oak slats boxes. The boxes were hand-made for him by his brother.

So what do you say? Do you already know enough about us? We can’t wait to decorate your kitchen.

And what about colour? Will you take us all, or have you already fallen in love with one of us in particular? And if you are still hesitant, for example, a light tap on the themes associated with the individual colours of the chakras might help you to decide. So go for it!

Red– root chakra – sexuality and instincts, connection with the earth and with everything earthly, abundance and money

Orange– sacral chakra – sexuality and pleasure in life, creativity and joy, emotions, abundance and enjoyment

Yellow– solar plexus chakra – will and strength, the ability to turn thoughts into reality, respect for oneself and others

Green – heart chakra – balance and harmony, compassion and care, love

Light blue – throat chakra – self-manifestation, balance, satisfaction, communication

Dark blue – the third eye chakra – intuition, the third eye, wisdom

Purple– crown chakra – divine consciousness, spirituality, spiritual path

So now as you have learned about the individual chakras and where they are located on the body, we have one more tip for you. If you have us all, you can use us as a healing compress. You may have heard of the healing radiance of the mandalas, haven’t you? If your head hurts, make a poultice of dark blue, use orange for a sore stomach and green for a nice lung wrap, for example. The expert is light blue for sore throat. Well, you get it, right, don´t you?

See you soon. We look forward to be unpacked by you at your home. And then you can feel us and let the company know how satisfied you are.


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