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Mandalas to harmonize body and soul


Original products are made in the Czech Republic.

Wishing you to find the product you are looking for, or
at least to inspire you here.

Tea/Kitchen Towels

The world's first chakra tea/kitchen towel collection

Original and with its motif the first collection of seven color Chakra tea/kitchen towels – beautiful, high quality, absorbent. Order the entire set or individual colours.


Order your calendar for 2023 now.

All Year In Circle Mandala wall calendar captures the atmosphere of each month. Names of months are in six languages.


A few words about the origin of the project.

The project was created very recently. One male artist has painted a lot of mandalas for several years. He gradually has made various products from the mandalas´ reproductions. He offered them to his friends as well as or at various festivals. However, only once the mandala towel project was created, he began to figure out how and where it would be sold. Many people assume that it is best to set up an e-shop in today’s internet world.

The process of making a decision was endless. But there was no other way how to reach out with these kitchen towels and other products to as many people as possible. Next stage was the brand name. Our website needed a name and ideally the name what it represents. Andrea and Michael put their heads together, and in a moment, the name Mandalama was born. It represents words: mandala and lama (initiated by a Buddhist monk). It sounds very lovely together. And everyone can find their own meaning in its name. Andrea and Michael also drew my face like a logo, and the mandalama shop has seen the light of day.

Andrea started creating this e-shop straight away. She successfully completed all the work. And now I’m here for you. You can just browse, you can read. You can also buy and thus support the new creation and production of other exciting Madala products.

The whole project is covered by my sister the owner of the company Pohodová účetní

I wish you harmony in life and good luck.