About me

A little about me

I see myself as an ordinary person with a simple approach to life.

I’m a creative, and I enjoy trying new things. The range of experience of my life is wide. One of them is also mandala paintings.

I kept drawing on paper with a pencil, and I started with acrylic colours much later. The first coloured mandala, thanks to which others followed, I painted on the wall in San Cristobal De Las Casas, Mexico in 2017. It is called the Harmony of the Universe and it is the biggest of all so far.

I then continued with a smaller version on drawing hard paper. Over the following months in Mexico, I managed to paint a collection of dotted mandalas, a collection of seven colours of the aura. Then I started to draw mandalas from which the calendar was created. I finished this work in the last five months while back in the Czech Republic. People like the pictures.

Originally, I started painting just for myself and because I enjoyed it. In the beginning, there were no visions to make any product. This started to appear gradually. Firstly postcards, then calendar, stickers, memory game and reproductions of paintings.

However, the best, and the most significant project for me is the new collection of Seven Colors of Chakras. From its original paintings, beautiful and high-quality tea towels were created. Thanks to their usefulness, they fit into every household.

I also make other products, such as ointments, tinctures, horseradish paste, apple snacks, date sticks, etc. Everything is of top quality for our bodies and souls.


At the same time, I apologize for the hidden anonymity, but for many years I have been resisting photography and posting photos on the network.

I wish us all to be well; to value each other, our lives, and everything around us.

What you will find on the web
What else do I make?

I also paint custom mandalas and other motifs - on the wall, canvas and paper. If you are interested, contact me.

I live by this motto:

Living with the spirit